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Новина | 14/07/2014 10:21
ZSMU emblem

Zaporizhzha State Medical University

Zaporizhzha State Medical University

 Despite not a very high salary of physicians, there always are young people who yearn to be doctors. In this respect, Zaporizhzha State Medical University of Ukraine doesn’t have competitors.

 ZSMU is a campus on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper. This is a separate territory, guarded 24/7. In the campus there are four academic buildings, five dormitories, several canteens and cafes. The territory of ZSMU is well equipped and cozy, surrounded by greenery and flowers.

 Classes for younger students are held on the theoretical departments in academic buildings in the campus. Senior students study on the therapeutic profile departments in clinics, located near the University.

 Student dormitories of the University of Ukraine are designed for 2,900 residents, and 2 dorms allocated for residence of foreign nationals. Dorm rooms are made up mos.cons. for 1-2-3 people. Internet classes are equipped in the dormitories.

 Each year all students regardless of health status undergo medical examination and inspection and, if necessary, they get treatment in the policlinic, and in the best clinics in the city.

 Diagnostic system consists of biochemical laboratory, laboratories of functional diagnostics, radiology and endoscopy. An important role in the treatment belongs to physical therapy and rehabilitation. Leading experts of the Regional Clinical Hospital consult patients. All students are regularly vaccinated.

 The health center operates in the campus, where students can obtain the necessary first aid and assistance in acute and urgent conditions. Regular consultations in health center are provided by the qualified university staff specialists.

 In the campus there is also a student health care center. Here students can obtain physiotherapy.

 Good conditions for sport are created for students. The University of Ukraine has a unique sports complex. Next to the academic buildings and student dormitories there is a stadium with the sectors of athletics, football field, sports grounds for handball, mini football, volleyball, basketball, sports halls, swimming pool, tennis courts, a shooting range to practice sports shooting, drafts and chess club, fitness club. The University of Ukraine regularly held football tournaments. All the sports sections are directed by the best teachers of the University. The University has its own Cultural center.

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