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Новина | 25/06/2014 11:59
Reasons to study in Russia and Ukraine

Why Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

Why foreign students go to study to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus? 

 The first reason is a relatively low cost of study. In Europe university tuition is much more expensive. The second reason is that these countries have always been known for high-quality academic school and the level of education. The third reason is a real opportunity to finish the study. Each student can graduate and get a diploma. In Western Europe not every student gets a diploma. The fourth reason is more notable benefit for the students from the poorer states. This is a great opportunity to live in a more developed country. In addition, the students’ life in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus is not so expensive, especially if the university provides a place in the dormitory. 

Young people from 150 countries go to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to study.

 Basically, these are the Orient and African countries. Popular specialties with foreigners are engineer, doctor, economist and financier.

 On arriving foreign students pass the foundation course, which is held in most of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian universities. In this course students are taught the national language and the main subjects. This course costs between $ 1500-3000. After the course students can enroll at any institution of higher education of the country.

 Basically, all the universities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus provide accommodation for foreign students in the dormitory. If students don’t like the conditions of dormitories, which happens very rarely, students can rent an apartment themselves. But while living in the dorms foreign students can more closely integrate into the student body of residents, to study the national language and culture.