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Новина | 03/09/2013 14:46
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Welcome to Eastern European Education!

Eastern European Education (EEE)


The Eastern European Education (EEE) is the student placement center for Russian and Ukrainian universities.

Study in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus with Eastern Eruropean Education.

EEE gives you free admission service to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

On our web site you can find list of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus universities.


EEE represent worldwide more than 50 Ukrainian and Russian State universities recognized all over the world.

Russian and Ukrainian Universities give to students European diplomas and high-quality knowledge by affordable price.


EEE proposes the folowing services for students:

-  assistance in selecting the course and the university;

-  admission to Russian and Ukrainian universities;

-  issuing the Invitation for Study in Russia and Invitation for Study in Ukraine

-  visa support

-  trasfer from airport to university;

-  providing accommodation and general support during study period.


Russian and Ukrainian universities propose HIGHER EDUCATION for foreigners. Students can get degree in any course existing in the world (more than 300 specialities/courses). Being as good as European ones, our universities give high quality education by following degrees:

-  Bachelor (4 years)

-  Master (1,5 - 2 years)

-  PhD

Due to expansion of our universities to international educational processes students can transfer from/to other European universities and graduate there. Also some of our universities have prosperous relationship with European universities and give to student 2 diplomas on graduation (2nd diploma student receives from partner European university).

Our universities have low tuition fee due to State support. At the same time they give high quality higher education because educational system in Ukraine and Russia was strongly developed at the time of Soviet Union and keeps developing by new rules of modern life.


Our Licence from Ministry of Education of Ukraine