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Etudiez la medicine en Russie en FRANCAIS!

Etudiez medicine en Russie en Francais

Les frais d`etudes sont les suivants 


pour le Maroc

pour l`Algérie


Total des frais de 1ère année (frais d’inscription, Frais d’etudes, Foyer d`étudiants, Equivalence, Assurance)
Total des frais de 2ème année (Frais d’etudes,Foyer d`étudiants, Assurance)
Total des frais de 1ère année (frais d’inscription, Frais d’etudes, Foyer d`étudiantsTraduction, Assurance)
Total des frais de 2ème (Frais d’etudes, Foyer d`étudiants, Assurance)
 Medicine generale (6 ans)
 4 800 US Dollars   4 200 US Dollars  4 800 US Dollars  4 200 US Dollars
 Médecine dentaire (5 ans)
 6 100 US Dollars  4 700 US Dollars   6 100 US Dollars  4 700 US Dollars
 Pharmacie (5 ans)
 6 000 US Dollars   4 600 US Dollars   6 000 US Dollars  4 600 US Dollars

 Il ne faut pas parler russe, toute education est en francais de la premiere annee!



Why study in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus?


  • High quality education 
    Russia has century-long history of education, the first university established in 1755.

  • Affordable tuition fee 
    Russian government supports state universities, hence tuition fees are relatively low (starting form USD 1000 per year)

  • Russia is the largest country in the world, the world`s 9th most populous nation, the 8th largest by nominal GDP, the 5th largest by purchasing power parity, one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas.

  • International degree recognition 
    Russia is part of the Bologna system of credit transfer so the degree obtained at Russian universities is recognized worldwide.Medical degrees conferred in Russia are recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB (UK), USMLE (USA), throughout EU and various international organizations.

  • Russia produces the largest number of academic graduates in Europe.
    Russia has very large academic system and well-trained teaching staff.

  • More than 50 degree courses in English language
    If the student wants to study in English, he does not need to know Russian, all tuition conducted in English.

  • No entry exams
    The students need only to send their educational documents by e-mail, the decision about admission is taken based on academic performance in high school. No need to take entry exams in Russia.

    Student’s English level assessed based on an interview, no need to present a certificate of language proficiency.

  • High level international recognition of Russia & Ukraine  
    • Ukraine hosted “EURO 2012”;
    • Russia hosted Student Olympic Games “Kazan 2013”, Winter Olympic Games “Sochi 2014”
    • Russia will host FIFA “World Cup 2018”

  • Moscow in 2011, 2012, 2013 became the billionaires capital of the world

  • Tuition fee paid UPON arrival, no prepayment

  • Part-time job opportunities
    Students allowed to work part-time, up to 20 hours per week.

  • Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have a beautiful nature, a moderate climate and you will enjoy four seasons of the year

  • Our transportation system is one of the best in Europe; you can use it 24 hours a day

  • Participation of Students in Conferences / Seminars / Project Works, etc. in European cities.

  • Bilateral Student Exchange Programs with Universities in European countries etc.

  • 99% VISA guaranteed to distinct candidates.