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Students life in Russia


Every year a growing number of students choose Russia as the place where they would like to study.

Students life


The adaptation of the foreign student to the new environment should be flexible. The students are therefore to consider certain level of base preparation, level of Russian knowledge, individual ability to training, feature of national mentality.


One of the key aspects of the students` adaptation to training is the understanding of a new system of education and its acceptance. The educational systems of USA, European countries and Russia differ on some items. One of the most important psychological aspects is that the students do not address the teachers by their first names but rather by their first and patronymic names.



Study of Russian does not cause much difficulty and is generally provided at a very high level. The main preparation of the foreign students is the fast and effective mastering of Russian. The better the language is learned, the more effectively adaptation will happen; the faster foreign students cease to hesitate to address the requests and questions in Russian.


The foreign students hardly experience misunderstanding or conflict on the part of the teachers, as it is said that idealist "accelerator" of adaptation is the creation of an atmosphere "of a kind house, where each student-foreigner would feel at ease".


Still unpleasant situations for the foreign students may be caused by the militias authorities, who check the background documents, ask for money and may use offensive language when dealing with the students. To smooth these unpleasant moments, the new Russian friends help by taking the foreign students with them on holidays, excursions and walks. Moreover, they help them to understand Russian culture, Russian people, who in fact do not wish any evil to the foreign students and regard them with understanding.


International students take an active part in the life of the University: together with Russian students they perform in concerts, organize students’ parties, participate in contests, festivals and sport events, they are represented in the Student Council of the University. All this gives international students a great opportunity to make friends all around the world, to learn the cultural peculiarities of a new country, provides them with the skills necessary for their future professional career in the globalizing world.


The Faculty for International Students of each university actively participates in the activities of the International Students Club, it also cooperates with various organizations and governing bodies in the framework of international students support programmes.


Those foreign students interested in learning more about the country and its people, customs and life should visit museums, exhibitions, concerts, drama theatres, meetings and evenings of international friendship with students of high schools and colleges. This promotes adaptation of the foreign students. Having overcome the significant period of the adaptation process, students are able to appreciate other sights of their Russian life. Any problems encountered by the students can be easily resolved with the support of a special psychological service for foreign students coming to study in Russia.