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Новина | 14/07/2014 10:24
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St. Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy

St. Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy

 St. Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy (SPCPA) is the leading university of Russia for the preparation of highly qualified personnel for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and microbiological industry.

 Currently, Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy incorporates three departments:

 Department of Industrial Technology of Medicines – the only department in Russia, providing training of processing engineers for pharmaceutical industry in specialties: Chemical engineering of medicinal substances, Biotechnology of medicinal substances, Technology of finished dosage forms and herbal remedies.

 Pharmaceutical department trains specialists in Pharmacy. The object of the professional activities of a pharmacist is medicines used to treat diseases, for diagnosis, prevention, rehabilitation and hygiene. Graduates of the department work not only in pharmacies, pharmaceutical plants and pharmacy stores, but also in the control and analytical, forensic and other chemical laboratories associated with chemical synthesis, analysis, study of medicinal substances and finished dosage forms. There is a department of distance learning.

 Department of Additional Professional Education provides certification training cycles for pharmacists in the specialties: Management and Economics of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy; certification cycles, enabling the training of pharmacists to assign the appropriate category; thematic training cycles for pharmacists, physicians, and specialists of industrial pharmaceutical companies with the issuance of a certificate of professional development.

 Chemical and Pharmaceutical  Academy include:

  • Preparatory Department for foreign citizens with a one-year training;
  • Postgraduate and Doctorate studies prepare highly qualified personnel (PhD) in the academy’s basic scientific directions, PhD examinations are held (including Philosophy and foreign languages), and given the opportunity to complete theses;
  • Regional Scientific and Methodological  Center for analytical diagnostic of presence of narcotic drugs, psychotropic and other toxic substances in the human body carries out training (retraining and advanced training) of doctors and pharmacists, forensic experts; center conducts organizational methodical and scientific work with medical institutions.

 Students studying at the academy are provided with:

 Spacious lecture halls;

  1. Laboratory provided with modern equipment;
  2. Library and reading-room;
  3. Computer classes;
  4. Gymnasium and additional sections;
  5. Hostel;
  6. Cozy student café.

Research work is performed by employees of research departments, professors and teachers, as well as graduate students and applicants.

 Scientific research conducted in Chemical  Pharmaceutical Academy is of fundamental and applied nature. Fundamental research is carried out within the framework of federal and regional programs in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The results of applied research are reflected primarily in the development and implementation of new original drugs and resynthesis of foreign drugs. On the most important scientific advances Institute annually receives about 20 invention certificates.

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