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Новина | 14/07/2014 10:42
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Russian State University of Tourism and Service

Russian State University of Tourism and Service

 The organization of international activities in RSUTIS is held by the Department of International Relations. It includes:

- The Center of International   Programs and projects;

- The Department for Foreign Students;

- The preparatory department for foreign nationals.

The Department’s performance aims to:

• the integration of educational programs with the international educational community ;

• internationalization of the educational process by the worldwide student and academic mobility;

• increase the competitive advantages of the University of Russia in the educational space oriented to service and tourism industry.

 The Center of International Programs and projects is engaged in operational work on development of relations of the University of Russia with foreign educational and scientific institutions and organizations.

 Centre staff carries out consulting actions for international education and training abroad, provides students of the University with the possibility of parallel training in foreign programs in order to obtain two diplomas, searches for information about international projects and grants, their design and implementation with foreign partners, and the faculties of the University of Russia.

 Russian State University of Tourism and Service is actively introducing innovative technologies in the educational process. A distinctive feature of the training at the University is clearly expressed practical orientation of education in view of changing needs of the global labor market. Therefore, the main performance of the Department of International Relations is the integration of educational programs with foreign partner universities.

 The University of Russia is an associate member of the CCID - Community Colleges for International Development of Education. This collaboration gives the ability to provide training and short-term internships for students and teachers in more than 100 colleges of the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe, and to host delegations from member educational institutions of CCID.

 Also RSUTIS is a leading member of Fulbright Committee for the development of intergovernmental cooperation programs of Russian universities with U.S. colleges. This program allows establishing new scientific contacts, continuing training and an internship for professors, teachers and interns.

 The University performs two international educational programs in management: jointly with the International Business School (Budapest, Hungary) and College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (Cyprus), which provide students with the opportunity to obtain Bachelor degrees and diplomas recognized in Europe.

 In order to learn practical skills and international standards of service Center for International Programs and projects organizes internships for undergraduate and graduate students in the companies of the EU, the USA, Canada, China and other countries through international associations CCID, TWIN, ACTR, Job Trust, and Work & Travel and American Practicum Programs.

 To enhance the competitive advantages of the University of Russia graduates in the labor market the RSUTS administration adopted the concept of strengthening the training of students and teachers of foreign languages: the University opened a multi-level language courses to prepare students, masters and PhDs on the basis of a differentiated approach. A program for remote English learning with Northampton Community College (USA) through the Internet. This allows to improve conversation practice on-line and to receive an ESL certificate of international standard.

 Also, anyone can be trained in corporate English and receive an international certificate TOEIC, recognized and spread as a standard of corporate English in the world business community.

 Students from Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, China, Congo, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nigeria, the USA, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Chad, Estonia, South Ossetia study in Russian State University of Tourism and Service.

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