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Новина | 14/07/2014 08:55
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Russian State Medical University

Russian State Medical University

 Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University is among 15 national research universities. Innovations prevail among the major research directions of the university. E.g., the development of means for diseases diagnostics and treatment of based on stem and progenitor cells, medical nanomaterials, probes and nanocontainer systems. Credo of university is the development of personalized medicine, founded on the prediction and prevention of diseases.

 Currently, in Russian State Medical University nearly 1,000 foreign students from more than 60 foreign countries study at the preparatory department , academic departments (medical, pediatric, medical-biological, dental), work on probation, undergo training in internship, residency, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

 The main countries, which University has traditionally developed stable relations with to provide educational services, are: Malaysia, India, China, Vietnam, Nigeria, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and others.

 Foreign nationals wishing to study in Russian State Medical University may complete the one-year course at the preparatory department of Russian State Medical University and other universities in Russia for medical and biological direction. At the preparatory department one can study Russian language, biology, physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

 Students studying at the university in accordance with the curriculum, pass the humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines, mathematics, natural science and biomedical disciplines, general professional clinical disciplines - 11718 academic hours, and have the right to pass an elective course. Electives are presented on 78 subjects, in total – 144 academic hours. Students of the Faculty of Medicine and Biology on 14 departments pass a special course on 18 subjects, in total – 500 academic hours. Education of non-resident students is conducted on a contract basis.

 University has maintained close contact with alumni for many years, providing them with scientific and methodological advice. Graduates of the Medical University are in high demand abroad.

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