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Новина | 14/07/2014 09:45
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Poltava State Agrarian Academy

Poltava State Agrarian Academy

 Now the Academy consists of six institutes, seven departments, 7 technical schools and colleges, Institute of Postgraduate Education, language center, selection center, Research Farm, Pre-university training center, lyceum, sanatorium and health camp, which is located on the banks of the river Vorskla. In training, research and production complex more than 14,000 students study, about 50 % of which study in Ukraine by the state budget.

 Broad and strong international relations of the academy give students the opportunity to complete an overseas practice or traineeship in such countries as Poland, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada, USA and Australia. Institution also has links with German, Austrian, French, British, Danish and Swedish universities, higher agricultural schools and farms.

 Besides, graduates with Master Degree are able to get both Ukrainian State and European diplomas.

 Preparatory Department for foreign citizens operates in the Academy, established in 1980. The department performs pre-university training of Asian, African, Latin-American citizens for their further studies in medical, agricultural, technical universities of Ukraine and Russia.

 For businessmen who wish to cooperate with enterprises, companies, businessmen there are short courses of intensive study of the Ukrainian and Russian languages.

 The Academy has good logistics. In the campus, located near the city center, the students have access to 5 academic buildings, 6 dormitories, disco, student bar "Aeneas" information center, dining, 4 snack-bars, sports and fitness facilities, 2 playgrounds, health center, vivarium. The campus is fenced and has free Wi-Fi Internet access.

 The real decoration of the Academy is a beautiful park of 4.5 hectares, where many exotic plants grow.

 The experience of many decades shows that the Poltava State  Agrarian Academy has been and remains the science flagship with European quality of Ukrainian education.

 To learn more about the procedure of admission to Ukraine click Admission Procedure.

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