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Новина | 14/07/2014 09:06
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Odessa National Maritime University

Odessa National Maritime University

 Odessa National Maritime University is a modern high-level institution, the activities of which organically combine achievements of National Higher School of Ukraine with the progressive tendencies of the world`s marine education.

 The University has 7 departments and 2 centers: Shipbuilding Department, Marine Engineering Department, Ports’ Mechanization Department, Water Transport and Offshore Facilities Department, Transport Technology and Systems Department, Economics and Management Department, Law Department, Center for Postgraduate Education and Training, Center for Pre-University Training. At the departments of the University in 11 specialties the specialists are trained for coastal infrastructure of Maritime and River Transport of Ukraine and foreign countries: Ships and Ocean Engineering, Information Control Systems and Technologies, Ship Power Systems and Equipment, Operation of Ship Power Plants, Hoisting, construction, road, reclamation machinery and equipment, Hydraulic Engineering , Transportation Systems, Organization and Management in Transport, Project Management , Business Economics, Business Management, Law.

 More than 5,000 students study in ONM University in Ukraine.

 From the first years of its existence the University has become a leading research institution involved in the development of important administrative, economic and technical decisions related to the development of maritime transport. The university regularly conducted diverse scientific international, state, and regional conferences.

 The Research Institute of Odessa National Maritime University has a large base of scientific researches and developments in the field of hydraulic engineering and maritime transport.

 The university operates Southern Scientific Center of Transport Academy of Ukraine, which unites all of the southern transport higher education and research institutions, regardless of their affiliation, as well as leading scientists and specialists.

 In ONMU a center of pre-university training works, which operates training courses and physical and math classes. Prevocational training center allows applicants to repeat and systematize previously learned material, to identify and address gaps in their knowledge, and prepare for external testing as well as training in ONMU.

 Maritime University is a member of the International University Association accredited by UNESCO, a member of the University Association of Europe and Southeast European Association of Transport Researches (SEATREF).

 Since 1995 ONMU participates the programs of trans-European cooperation for higher education (TEMPUS TACIS).

 The University actively promotes international cooperation with universities of Germany, Italy, England, Poland, China, South Korea and other countries.

 For 82 years of its existence University has trained more than 45,000 domestic and foreign experts in various industries.

 For 50 years, the University trains specialists for foreign countries. The university educated about 1,350 experts from 73 countries. To date, 69 foreigners study in Ukraine ONMU, 2 ones are trained in graduate school.

 Odessa National Maritime University is located in three buildings, which house the machine, sports, conference rooms, training workshops, a library (the general fund of more than 800,000 copies), research laboratories, among which are unique structures (research pool, aerodynamic laboratory) and a modern publishing center with printing press. ONMU incorporates a Yacht Club, which hosts 13 cruising yachts.

 The high demand for marine specialists today makes education in ONMU very prestigious.

 To become an ONMU student today is very simple. Fill the form in Apply Now and study in Ukraine will be one step closer. More information on Admission procedure. Educational system here.

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