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Новина | 14/07/2014 09:37
MSUMD emblem

Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

 Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry (MSUMD) is still one of the flagships of medical education. It is one of the largest educational and scientific-practical centers in the country and Europe, a leading university in Russia on dental education and training for medical affairs. MSUMD has modern academic buildings, clinics and laboratories, on the basis of which there are 11 departments: Dental, Medical, Economic Departments, Department of Clinical Psychology, Penitentiary Medicine, School of Postgraduate Education, Vocational education, Faculty of pedagogical education in Higher School of Medicine, Department of Pre-university training, Moscow regional Department and the Department of Social Work.

 Clinics and departments of the University are teams that combine professional specialists in all fields of modern medical science. Many clinics are armed with methods having no analogues to study in Russia and in the world of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of various diseases. Many years of experience and scientific potential of staff of the MSUMD Departments provide active work in the framework of the foreground national project "Health" in the health sector, offering unique techniques and development to achieve a strategically important objective of the state.

 Solving basic problems in the field of educational activities, the university prepares qualified professionals using modern management and control systems to ensure high quality education, introduces new specialties, develops elite and mass educational professional programs, implements the functions of the head center for the development and validation of the state educational standards, provides needs of the individual, society and the state in a wide range of educational programs.

 The educational MSUMD program "Development and introduction of of innovative health-saving technologies to educational and therapeutic processes" provided the university winning the competition among medical universities in Russia. The strategic objective of the innovation program is the implementation of the system reform of the educational process in different areas and specialties, using advanced information and communication technologies.

 The university uses the most advanced methods of training students with modern and relevant textbooks and tutorials, including written by leading scientific personnel of MSUMD. The MSUMD library developed and introduced the use of an electronic catalog of 10,000 items, which allows a quick search of relevant literature. Computer technologies are widely used in the educational process of the university: a high level of visualized lectures, the ability to model various diseases with the use of multimedia technologies, the creation of visual programs for the control of knowledge and self- study of students helps to master strong knowledge.

 Stable quality of training, guaranteed control system of educational activities provides a high prestige of university graduate in our country and abroad, and a diploma of MSUMD promotes employment of young specialists and rapid career growth. During the existence of the university there is a high competition among applicants wishing to study at the MSMD University of Russia. University traditionally can select the most capable and prepared among all the candidates, and the best of the best applicants can get the student status.

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