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Новина | 14/07/2014 09:16
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Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University)

Moscow State Institute of International Relations

 Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) (Russian - MGIMO-University) is one of the best universities in Russia, which trains specialists of international level, a unique teaching and research center, whose authority is high not only in Russia but also abroad. In the University not only honored professionals with rich experience hold classes, but young scientists too. More than half of all teachers have academic degrees. This creates a unique platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge between generations, the continuity and fidelity to traditions are maintained, and at the same time MGIMO-University leads the van of all modern educational processes.

 MGIMO-University is one of the "Big Three" law schools in Russia. The University is known not only for the high quality training in law and diplomacy. The enhanced language training for students of all specialties speaks well for it, although the university is not profiled for the study of foreign languages. In the university 53 state foreign languages are taught – more than in any university in the world, for this university is listed in the Guinness World Records.

 In MGIMO-University foreign experts in various areas of knowledge often give lectures: political scientists, lawyers, economists, sociologists, PR, professional diplomats and politicians. Therefore, students have the ability to receive the information and keep abreast of developments in the country and the world without leaving their Alma Mater.

 In addition, MGIMO-University actively cooperates with foreign universities, conducts long and short-term training as well as works on the dual degree program with a number of prestigious universities, such as the Institute of Political Sciences (Paris), Free University of Berlin, University of Potsdam, Humboldt University of Berlin. Language groups regularly travel to the country of the target language in order to obtain not only linguistic but also the country-specific practice.

 MGIMO graduates are in high demand in the labor market. The main consumer of personnel trained in MGIMO-University is the MFA of Russia, as well as large state corporations and news agencies, the federal TV channels. Great interest in the MGIMO graduates is shown by large foreign companies with representative offices in Russia. Practically none of MGIMO graduates is jobless, even in difficult times of crisis, because he can start building career on the final year. A great help in this case is the annual Career Days, which are held every fall and spring in MGIMO and show a representative job fair.

 It should be noted that for 65 years MGIMO is a brand with a great reputation, rich in history and traditions, university, admission to which is a pass to a decent life.

 To be a MGIMO student is quite prestigious, because the knowledge basis given is enough to start a great career. To learn more about the admission in Russia click Admission procedure

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