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Новина | 14/07/2014 09:01
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Moscow Aviation Institute

Moscow Aviation Institute

 Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) was founded in 1930 in order to ensure the training of highly qualified personnel for the aviation industry.

 Moscow Aviation Institute is an analogue of the industrial park, which is focused research and education centers, resource centers, design offices, and numerous laboratories, an experimental plant, airfield and social facilities of the complex.

 The accumulated research and teaching, educational, scientific and methodological experience, unique technology base, extensive relation with the aerospace industry allow MAI to conduct training of highly qualified specialists, who get knowledge , skills and abilities that meet the current requirements of domestic and international labor markets.

 The main mission of the MAI is the continuous training of highly qualified personnel, research and development for human and scientific innovation to ensure the development of aviation, rocket and space industries, as well as other high-tech defense sectors of the Russian Federation on the basis of the integration of science, education and industry to maintain parity and the creation of technological superiority in these industries on a global level.

Currently, the university with 11 faculties, 2 institutes (as faculties), and 4 branches has about 20,000 students of different forms of learning. 93% of high school students study for the foreground specialties in MAI as a national research university.

 In MAI a multi-level training in continuing education is held: "initial - total - vocational - preparation of working professions - training courses – higher education - second higher education - post-graduate (graduate school, doctoral) - retraining and skills development."

 Availability of qualified personnel and internationally recognized research schools, a long tradition of MAI to ensure training of highly qualified specialists, preservation and development of training and laboratory facilities allow us to be optimistic about the future of the leading aerospace university in Russia as a national research university.

 The procedure of admission to MAI is pretty simple. First you need to fill out an application in Apply Now. What to do next, you will learn in Admission procedure.

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