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Новина | 14/07/2014 11:11
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Lomonosov Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technology

Lomonosov Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technology

 International relations of MUFCT are diverse and multilateral. Foreground dimension is the training of foreign citizens. It is conducted at MUFCT since 1951 in the following dimensions:

  • Training of chemical engineer-technologists (Bachelor, Master);
  • Training of highly qualified personnel in internal and correspondence postgraduate study;
  • Scientific training, advanced training and retraining.

 As part of training engineer-technologists, for the past 40 years in various specialties more than 900 people from 60 countries were prepared. Among them are the countries of Europe (Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Portugal), of Asia (China, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Syria and other Arab countries of the continent), of Africa (Mozambique, Algeria, Angola, Kenya, Morocco, Chad, Egypt, Sudan, etc.), of Latin America (Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Colombia, Panama, etc.).

 Until recent years, the University of Russia conducted exchange work practice with several European countries. Exchange of graduate students is practiced; opportunities for undergraduates exchange with foreign countries are expanding.

 The University of Russia conducts training of foreign graduate students and interns, many of them are the graduates of MUFCT. They are citizens of China, Vietnam, India, Arab countries; Europeans (Eastern and Western Europe), citizens of African and Latin American countries. Contingent of foreign graduate students and trainees in 90s was about 40 people.

 While training the post-graduate foreign students, leaders’ short trips in the graduate students host country and post-graduate students’ visits to study in Russia are practiced. For example, under a contract with the University of Leiden postgraduate exchange is provided.

 Dozens of foreign specialists have been retrained in the Centre for training and advanced training of engineering staff on biotechnology.

 MUFCT cooperates with various foreign universities and research centers, e.g. the University of London, Institute of Industrial Chemistry (Warsaw) and the Institute of Electronic Engineering of Wroclaw University in Poland, Berlin Humboldt University, Leiden University (Netherlands), University of Nottingham (UK), the Higher Institute of Technology and Machine and Bourgas Higher Technological University (Bulgaria), Béjaïa University (Algeria), Hanoi State Polytechnic Institute (Vietnam), the International Institute of Science of sintering, etc. There are links with France within the intergovernmental agreement with the U.S. company "ECT technology", with the French firm Priolabo, with Girinsky plant (China), with Israeli University and Mediziv firm. Cooperation in scientific research is embodied in co-production. In 2002 MUFCT concluded a cooperation agreement with the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic).

 Scientists of MUFCT participate in scientific congresses, conferences, symposia abroad, protruding presentations, and lectures. Short and quite long trips are practiced of MUFCT employees to the USA, Canada, Europe and other countries - for research, internships. MUFCT constantly hosts foreign scientists.

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