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Новина | 14/07/2014 11:03
Kharkiv National University of Economics

Kharkiv National University of Economics

Kharkiv National University of Economics

 Kharkiv National Economic University of Ukraine is a public higher education institution of the highest IV level of accreditation, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science.

 KhNUE is the leading university of the East of Ukraine, which provides a full range of educational services, implements multilevel training, retraining and advanced training of specialists in 26 specialties of such disciplines:

  • Economics and Business;
  • Management and Administration;
  • Computer Science and Engineering;
  • Publishing and Printing Business;
  • Service sector;
  • Governance;
  • Specific categories.

 The University consists of 8 faculties, 34 departments, high schools, Centre of Postgraduate Education, Master of Civil Service, specialized academic councils for the protection of theses, teaching and research laboratories, computer center, scientific and technical library, publishing office, sports complexes.

 With considerable experience in the training of students, KhNUE affects the personnel, scientific, technical and economic policies of industrial enterprises and organizations in the country. The foreground principle of KhNUE activities is to develop the intellectual elite for our economy, to achieve this goal the university prepares highly trained economist, familiar with modern information technologies and innovative model of behavior.

 Implementation of these regulations is a system of continuous education developed at the university of Ukraine. Today it is scientific training complex, which comprises carrying out the pre-university selection of capable applicants and their training, classroom and distance learning, as well as training and retraining of highly qualified specialists. Studying in Ukraine in high schools created at the faculties, students have the opportunity to get another specialty making a tuition preferential payment.

 The university created a flexible system of training quality management, based on continuous monitoring of the success of graduates of KhNUE.

 KhNUE actively implements education standards that operate in the European Community. Planning of training in accordance with the principle of "unification of the form (standardization of courses) - originality of the contents (modules)" allows the most efficient realization of KhNUE benefits, associated with high levels of research and its integration with the educational process and economic practices. Participation in research should form interested professional who has creative approach to work and is able to solve successfully the tasks put forward by modern economic practice.

 KhNUE is the participant of several international educational programs and projects. Official partners of KhNUE are the universities of France, Greece, Poland, Turkey, China, and Vietnam. Compliance of the University to modern educational standards confirmed the invitation to join Magna Charta Universitatum - prestigious universities organization in the world with its headquarters in Bologna (Italy) on September 18, 2004.

 Students of KhNUE have the opportunity for traineeship at the leading domestic industrial enterprises, financial, consulting and other companies. Studying in Ukraine, students undergo language training in general and elective courses, studying optional English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, and Polish.

 In the university students gain fundamental knowledge that enables them to adopt and implement effective solutions in the spectrum of contemporary economic issues, including the selection of competitive products, evaluation of the effectiveness of investment projects and technical and organizational level of production, development of enterprise development strategies, planning activities, organization of production and labor, marketing research, effective sales, deep economic analysis, etc.

 Graduates of KhNUE successfully provide personnel needs of leading public, private and joint-stock companies in the country, work in research institutes and universities, banks, and public administrations, in the tourist companies and small and medium business, in the service sector, sector of providing international business, they plan and design infrastructure of enterprises, cities and regions.

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