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Intensive Russian language course from USD 990


Study Russian langauge + Degree course


February 2017 Intake


 Course description 

EEUA announces admission of foreign students for Intensive Russian language Course at three universities:

Moscow State University of Technology "STANKIN" 

Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications

Southwest State University

Kirov State Medical Academy*


Course dates: February 1st 2017 – August 20th 2017. 

* Course dates for Kirov State Medical Academy: February 1st 2017 - July 1st 2017.

Application deadline: December 20th, 2016.

Students have to arrive to Russia: between January 20th and February 20th 2017.

Intensive Russian language Course focuses on learning of Russian Language from the "zero" level with the aim of further study at Russian universities. Intensive training (20-25 academic hours per week) in small groups of 10-15 students is organized till August 20, while at August 20-27 state testing of Russian language (1st level) TRKI-1 is organized.


After preparatory course student can: 

+ start  Bachelor degree course on September 1st  2017 at  the same university in Russian on in English (if available)  language. No need to change visa.

+ transfer to other university in Russia (medical or any other type of university) but student will have to get new visa from Russian Embassy in home country.


 Tuition and fees: 

Tuition fee for the Intensive Preparatory Course:

+ USD 1690  at Moscow State University of Technology "STANKIN"

+ USD 1490 at Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications

+ USD 990 at Southwest State University 

+ USD 1390 at Kirov State Medical Academy


Dormitory fee (February-August 2016):

+ USD 510 (total for 7 months) at Moscow State University of Technology "STANKIN"

+ USD 410 (total for 7 months) at Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications

+ USD 110 (total for 7 months) at Southwest State University  

+ USD 200  (total for 7 months) at Kirov State Medical Academy


Health Insurance:  USD 100 for one year

Other fees: Regsitration fee USD 250, Arrival fee USD300, Visa extention USD30.



+ Secondary School Certificate (12 years)

+ Passport valid at least till September 1st 2018


February 2017 Intake is not available for Degree course. But after preparatory course students can start Degree course.

 Apply now 

For more details please contact Ms Oksana  apply@eeeducation.org