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Новина | 25/06/2014 12:03
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Gomel State Medical University

Gomel State Medical University

 GSMU was founded not so long ago, in 1990. But, despite this, the quality of education remains one of the best in the CIS. The University consists of therapeutic and diagnostic medicine faculties, which in their turn are divided into specialties. The education of students is performed in all medical fields that exist today.

 Also GSMU has a faculty preparing specialists for foreign countries, which trains future physicians for Europe and Asia. More than 100 foreign students from Asia and Africa study in all six courses of the Faculty.

 The clinical basis of the University is the best medical facilities in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. The teaching process is organized by the best doctors and teachers with advanced degrees. They were trained in hospitals in Europe, America and Japan.

 The curriculum includes both theoretical and practical study. Students learn the most modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of many common and rare diseases. The quality of medical training in GSMU allows students to become highly qualified specialists and be in demand the medical field.

 After graduation, students get the qualification of a doctor and MD degree. Education can be extended by any medical specialty in residency, or graduate internships.

 GSMU supports educational, academic and research links with many European universities, medical institutions and centers.

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