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Новина | 30/03/2015 16:05

Full Master Scholarship

FULL Master scholarship "Solar Energy: Science and Materials"




Tuition & Accommodation FREE!!






National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”



Scholarship covers:

Tuition fee & Accommodation fee for the whole period of studies



Entry requirements:

Bachelor degree or international equivalent in one of the following disciplines:

- Materials Science Engineering

- Power Engineering

- Electronic Engineering

- Electrical Engineering

- Photovoltaic Engineering

- Renewable Energy Engineering

- Engineering degree



Application deadline: May 01, 2015


*Please use your Agent account to make application.



Additional information:


Energy is essential for any human activity. It affects all aspects of our social life, which include science, technology, economics, politics, education, healthcare and sociology. Global demands for clean and efficient energy solutions require engineers with knowledge and skills which cover fundamentals of current energy sources, whilst capable of specializing in one of the areas of renewable energy industry. This underlines the main idea of the master’s program Solar Energy: Science and Materials. The two-year program of study provides the students with theoretical and practical skills necessary for development and modernization of solar energy field within renewable energy sector. Upon completion of the program the students will be capable of using new technologies and innovative ideas for implementation of environmentally friendly solutions to global energy problems.


Aims of the program:

- To teach the science of energy harvesting, generation of electricity and energy efficiency

- To develop expertise in theoretical and practical aspects of solar energy industry

- To prepare students for employment in solar energy industry

- To teach skill for further research at PhD level